As with any vehicle that hits the market, if successful in attracting a customer fan base, the next thing that follows is how to make it stand out amongst the others.  Enter…the aftermarket world.  It’s a billion-dollar business and the Polaris Slingshot is far from the exception to this industry.

From day one people have been in awe of this new crazy looking machine rolling by on just three wheels.  But after seeing several, you notice one and say “Hey, that’s no ordinary Slingshot!”  It might be the wheels and tires, the paint or wrap.  Could be the leds or spoiler, possibly the stereo or engine mods.  Or maybe it’s the apparel and accessories an owner has.  One way or another, there is something completely different.

Fast forward to 2022 and the aftermarket world for Slingshot parts and accessories is insane!  There are some amazing items out there to make your Slingshot even more unique.

There are many events and competitions in almost every major city across the nation, and even in other countries.  These events bring owners and enthusiasts together in great spirit to show up and show off, to compare and to compete.  But most of all, to join in a common interest that is the Slingshot!

Below we name some of the more popular and reputable companies that represent different aspects of the aftermarket world for Slingshot owners.  Everything from wheels, tires, wraps, graphics, paint, engine, transmission, body, headlights, leds, apparel, accessories, and more.  These companies have made a name for themselves in the Slingshot aftermarket.  They aren’t the only ones, just some of the more notable companies we’ve dealt with in the past.  You can find out more about what each company has to offer by clicking on their links and visiting each company’s site.  Explore what they have to offer and keep on riding!

This blog post was brought to you by Slingmode Inc.  An apparel and accessory brand for Polaris Slingshot owners and enthusiasts.  Interested in learning more?  Please refer to the links provided below.


https://slingmode.com - t-shirts, hoodies, wall art, stickers, mugs, water bottles, etc.

https://slingshot-accessories.com - engine, trans, interior, exterior, bugatti headlights, etc.

https://www.amrracing.com - graphics/wraps.

https://www.ddmworks.com - engine, trans, interior, exterior, etc.

https://tricledusa.com - led lighting and kits.

https://ssvworks.com - speaker pods and electronics.

https://slingshopli.com - leds, stereo, installations.

https://zaratesteelworks.com - metal fabricators.

https://www.ridinfresh.com - leds, wraps, paint protection.

https://www.slingmods.com - engine, trans, interior, exterior, electronics, etc.

https://www.buynowroaringtoyz.com - wheels and tires.

https://x305.com - custom paint and body work.


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