Now that the Polaris Slingshot has been out for quite a while, it has made a heck of an impression. Not just on its owners, but to those catching a glance as it rides by. Many onlookers have taken an interest and visited a local dealer or stopped an owner to look and ask a few questions. The only problem is that you can NOT fully comprehend what it is like to drive one. Even a dealership test ride around the block does not do it justice. Therefore, renting one for a day or even half a day might be worth your while.

            Even though I own one, I myself have rented one when I travel to different places because I want to ride and enjoy the scenery that a location has to offer. It even allows me to feel and see the difference in models as the years tick by and they continue to make improvements. Things like more comfortable seats, better entertainment system, engine and suspension, color schemes, lights, etc.

            There are so many ways to rent a Slingshot, but you must be wise. Prices can vary dramatically depending on where you’re renting. If you are in a touristy area, you can expect to pay more. You can Google a Slingshot rental company in your area, or wherever you are traveling, or you can use a service like Turo. Either way you can find several options and compare prices and what you get for that price. Some places rent them hourly, some rent them by the day.

            We did a couple of trips to Tennessee and rented Slingshots both times. It was just easier than driving or trailing ours down from New York. We rented once through Turo and once through Mountain Mile Adventures. I’ll include links below. Both trips we spent a lot of time riding the Smoky Mountains and famous destinations like the Tail of the Dragon, which I may do another blog on.

            So if you do your homework, you can probably find a Slingshot rental in almost every major city or surrounding area, and for a decent rate. From Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, to Miami, to New York, and in between, you can find one for rent. Another established rental company that comes to mind is Slingshot Adventures. They are in Virginia Beach VA, Ocean City MD and Outer Banks NC.

            If you are considering buying one, it might be a great way to get a real feel for it. I would also recommend that you try to plan your day to get the most out of the experience. Pick a great weather day a few days in advance, if possible, Plan a destination or two. And make sure to plan the route. You don’t want the fastest route between point A and point B. You want the most scenic, twisty, best roads possible for cruising. Incorporate a park, beach, mountain, or city views. Don’t forget to check the local laws regarding helmet laws and license restrictions. Most importantly, have fun and be safe!

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